Defrain Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

Look at those baby cheeks?! OMG this sweet family added another adorable child to their clan and I got to capture those sweet cheeks! These guys are fun and sweet and work so hard for Jesus. Their littles are so sweet - Leighton loves princesses, Landon loves donuts and and Elena, I mean, those cheeks!?


Not only is Tiff a great mom, but she's also a hard working nurse. She's pretty much 'taking care' of people all the time. That's mom's job - to take care, to support. It is amazing how life giving it is to give of yourself. That is one of the wonderful gifts of motherhood.

Ryan's Mom and Dad jumped in for a few photos as well! haha love this crazy bunch ;)

Defrain Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

If you've seen my work for any amount of time, you've probably seen this family pop-up on my feed. They are pretty special to me. The Defrain family has given so much love, service, care, accountability and encouragement to my husband and I, and we're just so grateful for them.

Servant Leadership.

One image that will probably always stick with me when it comes to Steve and Leah is when they were out in the wet, muddy grass helping set up for my wedding. They drove across the country and not only were they there to show their love and support, but they also set an example of humble service, by pushing their sleeves up and doing some dirty work too. It is how they live their life and how they serve their church and ultimately, God.  I've seen this quality in Leah as a Pastor's wife and a mother. She gives of herself to build into the lives of others, and as one of those people, I'm so thankful.

Graycar Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

It is so neat how God brings people into your life. His timing is always perfect. I've gotten to know Sabrina and her adorable kiddos at my church. God showed up and gave her strength and new purpose after a hard few years. Little Reagan is full of spunk and her brother, Mason is sweet and smart. Just goes to show they respect and love their mama, because they're great kiddos.


When things don't make sense and everyone else is scared, Mama says thing are ok, and you feel like they really are - in change Mom is constant, she makes the good times more fun and when she gives you a hug, you can take a deep breath. Mom's are all strong - physically, because OMG they birthed us and carried us all over creation for years and emotionally, because they raise us to be strong ourselves.

Montgomery Extended Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

So I got to enjoy this sweet family for twice the amount of time, because we also took photos of their extended family. So many kiddos, cheesing and smiling for their grandparent's session. We spent a beautiful afternoon in Fischer's park - all the trees and flowers blooming green and other bright colors. Seasons and the changes that take place over time always get me thinking, it actually reminds me of another word that defines a mother:


Many of us are so blessed to have a Mother we look to and know they are always going to be there for us. When we're young the take care of us non-stop, when we grow up they pack our school lunch everyday and we we're having babies of our own, they answer all our frantic questions and calm our fears. A Mother is one to count on.

Montgomery Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

Ok this family - ONE OF MY FAVES. Seriously, they give of themselves continually for others, for their family ... they serve with their whole hearts each week at my church, they love and take care of their kiddos so sweetly and now they've added 2 to the bunch! Danielle and Justin are such an example of selfless love to me and I'm grateful for them.


Every mama knows, when they see those positive lines on the pregnancy test or lay eyes on that photo of the child they'll one day adopt, or sees a need and knows it's theirs to fulfill, they just know - its go time. It's time to give and give and give, but gain so much more back in love and joy and purpose. They know it will be hard and tiring and overwhelming, but also SO fun and life bringing and joyful. This motherhood commitment is the best kind - for and because of love.