Montgomery Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

Ok this family - ONE OF MY FAVES. Seriously, they give of themselves continually for others, for their family ... they serve with their whole hearts each week at my church, they love and take care of their kiddos so sweetly and now they've added 2 to the bunch! Danielle and Justin are such an example of selfless love to me and I'm grateful for them.


Every mama knows, when they see those positive lines on the pregnancy test or lay eyes on that photo of the child they'll one day adopt, or sees a need and knows it's theirs to fulfill, they just know - its go time. It's time to give and give and give, but gain so much more back in love and joy and purpose. They know it will be hard and tiring and overwhelming, but also SO fun and life bringing and joyful. This motherhood commitment is the best kind - for and because of love.