Defrain Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

If you've seen my work for any amount of time, you've probably seen this family pop-up on my feed. They are pretty special to me. The Defrain family has given so much love, service, care, accountability and encouragement to my husband and I, and we're just so grateful for them.

Servant Leadership.

One image that will probably always stick with me when it comes to Steve and Leah is when they were out in the wet, muddy grass helping set up for my wedding. They drove across the country and not only were they there to show their love and support, but they also set an example of humble service, by pushing their sleeves up and doing some dirty work too. It is how they live their life and how they serve their church and ultimately, God.  I've seen this quality in Leah as a Pastor's wife and a mother. She gives of herself to build into the lives of others, and as one of those people, I'm so thankful.