All of my work is shot on location. For families: I do my best to capture your child's attention and work efficiently to give you special portraits. I have been known to bring candy as a bribe for the kiddos. Not only do I work hard to produce beautiful portraits, but I also enjoy catching candid family moments and even offer more personal sessions for this reason. Here are the different portrait session options from Kate Blauert Photography:

Family Sessions

I believe one of the most precious and important things to capture and remember is family! These sessions are shorter, to account for the kiddos energy and attention span. They are also very affordable depending on the number of images you would like to purchase.


Having just become a mother myself, I treasure the photos I have of my little man's first days! It would be a joy for me to capture your child's beginnings. There are multiple baby session options. You can purchase a regular session or you can choose from these other 2 packages:

Baby Journey

This package includes 5 sessions so you can track your baby's growth over the course of their first year! Newborn, 3, 6, 9 mo. & 1 yr. photo sessions give you the chance to see the significant change that takes place over the first year of your baby's life.

Baby Highlights

Maybe you want to watch the changes unfold in photos, but not to the extent of the Baby Journey package. Well then the Highlights sessions are for you! This option includes 3 sessions: Newborn, 6 mo. and 1 year photoshoots.


Some of the best moments aren't forced or staged, they just happen - a warm embrace, a special look, spontaneous laughter ... I want to catch those personal moments for you. This type of session allows me to experience what is special to you; baking at home with your children, having a bonfire out back under the stars, or sharing conversation over a cup of coffee in the kitchen. I want to take photos of what you really want to remember - your real life and what makes it special!


Portrait sessions with Kate Blauert start at $50. Contact KBP for more information.