Gibson Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

These Mother's Day Sessions are special for a lot of reasons - mama's got photos they'll treasure forever , kiddos/dads got to give a wonderful gift and hopefully, these mom's felt at least a little more special during or because of their shoot. I believe photos are very affirming - they remind us of what's most important and what we have to be so grateful for.

These sweet Gibson kiddos were fun! crazy, but fun ;) and can we not all agree they are just beautiful!? It was wonderful to meet Erika and spend some great time with her and the kids. These photos are so extra special for this family and I was so happy to see their individual and unique personalities come out during our shoot.


As mama's we've got be set - in what we believe and fight for for our families, in how we are going to raise our babies and in the hard work it takes to raise them. Kids are crazy and we all know, we were kids once! ;) But as mama's to keep on, keeping on with crazy kids takes determination. Here's to all the determined mama's out there!