Mariani Family - Mother's Day Sessions '17

I have so many wonderful photos of wonderful families to share with you from these Mother's Day Sessions. This is the Mariani family. I could tell Alexis & Bob really love & enjoy their little Bobbi and Katie. We had a great time walking in the park and catching some awesome evening light. Leading me to talk about the next word I think best describes Moms:


Not only do mama's work their tails off at home and some in the office too! But we really all are called to help (along with dad) set the tone for the household, from day to day. It is so important to teach our kiddos about being kind and how to obey, but another important lesson - have fun, enjoy your life. We know being a mother is a gift and we want our little ones to soak up the precious gift of life they've been given too. So we make silly faces and sing crazy songs or play hide and seek a billion times. But the thing our kids might not know is, we're having just as much fun living life with them.