Theo's 1st Birthday!!!

Once in a while I want to share something more personal with you on this blog. So you get to know me a little better. As I've mentioned in many of my posts, I became a mom recently. And somehow my child has already turned one?! We had such a special day of celebration not only partying over bacon covered donuts, but getting the incredible chance to dedicate our Theo to Jesus at our church. So excuse me while I sit for a second to shed a tear of sincere gratitude for this little gift (his name actually means 'gift of God') and remember with joy what a sweet, special privilege it is to be his mommy. I've learned so much, been pushed far beyond what I thought I was possible of and my heart has expanded in size so much so, I think it might explode. 

I love you my little Theo man.

Galentine's Day!

"Valentine's Day is about romance, but Galentine's Day is about friendship."

Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation


I'm sure by this point, because of the winter weather, you, like me, are also getting a little cabin fever. If I have not needed to go out this winter, I didn't. But because of that, I miss people. I miss a conversation over a good meal with good friends. SO I figured Galentine's Day would be the best excuse to have a party. I gathered as many of my girls as could make it and we chatted over (my attempt of) waffles, smoothies, and heart shaped bacon.

Here's a little recap:

A little sunshine amidst the snow // State of Kate

Rest is good. Sunshine is great. Vacation is the best. I was so glad Stephen and I got to get away for a cruise with his family right after the holidays. It was wonderful to experience the beauty of the islands, spend time with family and relax. Our ship took us to the Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Labadee. My favorite moment was when we were in Labadee, surrounded by the mountains I grabbed a floaty mat and just drifted around in the still ocean. Talk about great - it was. I didn't take my professional camera for the sake of relaxation, so I roughed it with my iphone, I was bummed at the quality of the photos I got, especially people pictures. But I'll always remember the snapshots I took in my mind of the beautiful shining sun, tall green mountains and sand beneath my feet. Oh and did I mention the food ... I ate A LOT.