Calvo Lifestyle Shoot

I'm interrupting all the wonderful Fall Mini-Session blog posting to show you something I'm really excited about - my first LIFESTYLE shoot!! Lately, I've been thinking about how important it is to me to have special memories of real life and so I'm working hard to give that to others now!! This is a shoot where you invite me into your home, tell me how you enjoy spending time together and then I let you do those things and I take the pictures! I might help you along here or there with a pose or two and I also enjoy asking questions to loosen you up and get to know you and your family better. But really it is all about you and your family just BEING TOGETHER.

The Calvo family couldn't have been more fun to work with. They had all kinds of ideas of things they wanted me to capture!  Poppi Calvo read a special journal they kept during the girls first years, Fifi Calvo read the girls a special binder of recipes, Kristina and her mom looked at wedding books to plan together for her upcoming wedding, they played board games and music together over coffee and cheesecake and loved on all their sweet animals. It was such a fun glimpse for me into the time they enjoy together and their sweet family bond.

Weikel Family - Fall Mini-Session

Nikki and I have gotten to know each other over the last couple years. But what really made an impact on me was when she reached out and just invited a bunch of girls from our church, that she didn't know that well, over to her house - so we could just hang out. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but somehow it's crazy how you feel alone amidst so many people, so many great people, even. So this was my chance to really try and connect and get to know some people better. We've developed a good mama to mama relationship and I'm so thankful. Her family is just precious! It's so neat to see how God brought her and Bob together and how they both love sweet Elise and Parker so much! Here are my favorites from their Fall Mini-Session:

oh hello again...

So many of you know I was blessed to bear a beautiful baby boy last October. It has been my joy and main focus to begin raising him at home. So photography has been set to the side for a bit to give all my time and energy to my family. Here is my precious child,

Theodore Sidney Blauert

Motherhood is such a great challenge, but the most beautiful gift and privilege. So thankful for this new job, journey and life as a parent.

That said, I never intended to say goodbye to this creative project, so I am back at it ... a little. Currently, I'm shooting here and there, slowly getting back in the game.

There are 2 goals I have for the next few months.

1. Have a sale on prints from ANY of my past work. So I can clean out and make room for new work

2. Set a more photo session appointments. My hope is to have to shoots a month.

So if you are interested in family, child, couple or newborn photography please send me a message! Also, I will be posting information about a print sale soon!


I had my first session since baby at the beginning of April with some of my favorite clients, the Montgomery Family. Trey and Peyton are adorable and honestly, so are their parents Justin and Danielle. It is fun and relaxed and enjoyable capturing sweet memories for these friends.

Galentine's Day!

"Valentine's Day is about romance, but Galentine's Day is about friendship."

Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation


I'm sure by this point, because of the winter weather, you, like me, are also getting a little cabin fever. If I have not needed to go out this winter, I didn't. But because of that, I miss people. I miss a conversation over a good meal with good friends. SO I figured Galentine's Day would be the best excuse to have a party. I gathered as many of my girls as could make it and we chatted over (my attempt of) waffles, smoothies, and heart shaped bacon.

Here's a little recap: