Galentine's Day!

"Valentine's Day is about romance, but Galentine's Day is about friendship."

Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation


I'm sure by this point, because of the winter weather, you, like me, are also getting a little cabin fever. If I have not needed to go out this winter, I didn't. But because of that, I miss people. I miss a conversation over a good meal with good friends. SO I figured Galentine's Day would be the best excuse to have a party. I gathered as many of my girls as could make it and we chatted over (my attempt of) waffles, smoothies, and heart shaped bacon.

Here's a little recap:

Friday Favorites

Instagram is a wonderful thing. I mean, just wonderful. It is interesting how I've found it to be dangerous at times though. It only takes a split second to grow discontent or jealous when you see a person's 'picture perfect' life displayed in 100's of little square photographs. However, I've decided (and believe me you must intentionally make this decision) for Instagram to instead become one of my greatest inspirations. I have made it a point to only follow those that truly inspire, encourage or advise me in a positive way. Many of my Friday faves come from my Instagram wanderings.

New Favorite Book

1. The Nesting Place

This book is quite the reality check for an avid home decorator like myself. One I needed. This book has taught me how important it is to make your home a place for people to live within, not tip toe around in so they don't break anything in. Myquillyn Smith shares photos of her own home - messy and clean, put together and torn apart - all to show you that it is ok - that it is ok to not have it all together, that everything isn't perfect, that you don't have a lot of money to decorate or that you cannot figure out for the life of you what to hang on that wall behind the couch. She is a sweet soul, you can tell by her kind, encouraging and true to life words. Go buy this book. Seriously, if you love decorating or want to love decorating - go buy this book!

Myquillyn Smith // Instagram

New Favorite TV Show:

2. Fixer Upper on HGTV

Talk about feel good television. Seriously, this husband and wife team brighten my day every time I watch there show. Joanna is a decorating genius. She owns her own shop in Texas Magnolia Market (I SO wish I could visit this gem!). She is also a mother of four. This couple has some super cute chemistry - they don't take life to seriously. But they also do an amazing job with the homes they renovate and decorate. I have fallen completely in love with the rustic, fresh, soft and beautiful style that Joanna creates in the homes she completes. Favorite HGTV show ever and I watch a LOT of HGTV.

Joanna Gains // Instagram

New Favorite Product

3. The Mason Bar Company

How adorable are these cute little lids for your mason jar. Let's be honest, who doesn't feel a little bit cooler takin a sip out of a mason jar, verses a regular old drinking glass. Also, I'm bound and determined to solve the 'there aren't any more clean glasses' problem in my house, by having my 'go to glass'. Of course, it needs to be cute though too, right?! They have an array of different colors of their super awesome lids and different mason jar sizes, as well. They even offer really adorable, customizable cuffs too. Now if I could just decide which one I like the best, then I can place my order! YAY!

Mason Bar // Instagram


New Favorite Recipe

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you know me at all, you know it only makes sense that my favorite new recipe is for cookies. This is the simplest, fewest ingredients and most delicious chocolate chip recipe for me to date! I love making desserts from scratch, but sometimes you just want a cookie and you don't want to take the time to make them. With this recipe I had cookies within a half hour of starting to make these bad boys. They are fluffy, soft and chewy, with a hint of moistness in there too. I must say I have eaten more of these little delights than I care to share with you ... I found this recipe on Pinterest - if easy is in the title, that's my kind of recipe. But this one is easy AND delicious!!


So there you have it - my Friday Faves. I hope these encourage you, inspire you, get you to pull our your wallet and even hit your sweet spot. I suggest you follow these people on instagram for inspiration. Happy Weekend!!!


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