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If you're like me, routine doesn't come as easy you'd like. My husband is pretty great when it comes to discipline. Whereas I'm more spontaneous. The 'maybe I coulds' and the 'maybe I wonts' take over and sometimes, well, most times, it is just hard for me to be as consistent as I'd like. I'm trying to develop better habits and usually it is great if you have a tool of some kind to get ya goin. SO after scouring Pinterest for a great 'to do list printable' I found it would be best just to make my own. This way I can customize the boxes and lists and 'to dos' just the way I need it.

Let me tell you, this took me all of 20 minutes and now, I have a great way to start each day. This helps me take an inventory of what's most important. I also use Google Calendar to make sure I keep my appointments, shoots and travel dates. Google Calendar is great because it allowed me to share my personal and work calendars with my husband and vice versa. This has eliminated lots of questions in our marriage, which usually ended up being annoying and even confusing. Now, we know what each other has scheduled and can spend more time talking about more important stuff, instead of always planning and questioning what's going on.

I made my 'Everyday To Do' in Microsoft Word. Using text boxes and little check mark icons I created this document. I thought through my day and my priorities - what do I want to MAKE SURE I accomplish - those things made the checklist cut. There are lots of really pretty printables with icons, photos and graphics out there, but because I didn't want to go broke on ink, I thought I'd start simple. That's why I stuck with black and white. But you can customize yours however you want!

Maybe you're way ahead of me and have been doing this forever, or maybe this has encouraged you to make you're own. I thought I'd make my own checklist creation available for you. However, I made it so you can customize your morning and evening routine. So below is a link where you can download my version of the 'To Do' list.

Enjoy and Happy checklisting to you!

To view/download my personal 'Everyday To Do' click below:

Everyday To Do - Kate's Version

To view/download an 'Everyday To Do' list you can customize click below:

Everyday To Do for You

Once you get to these webpages, click on the button 'Share' below the document and then you will see the option to 'Download'.