Cross Country Roadtrip

My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel the country this summer. We went from PA all the way to California staying with friends and family along the way. The visits were so special, the sightseeing was amazing and the time together was priceless. Here is my advice to you straight from the wise Lara Casey, 'You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them!' 

This collage is a great big bunch of my Instagrams from the trip. I will share the photos I took with my professional camera sometime soon. What a wonderful trip it was!! 

Welcome! Pull up a chair and stay a while!

It is so thrilling to finally be typing up my first blog post! It has been a dream and a goal and something I have been working towards for quite some time. Most good things in life don't come without lots of hard work and lots of 'heart' work. What you're seeing now of my site, is the start - the meat is here, my new brand is visible and the site is simple and sleek. I have dreams of 'pumping up the volume' so to speak; of adding graphics and some color. But that will all come in time and will take its own dreams and hard work. What I'm learning is that 'it doesn't have to perfect to be beautiful'. I started reading this wonderful book by Myquillyn Smith of The Nester blog, called The Nesting Place and this is her motto. It seemed oh so perfect for me as I continue to progress and strive towards running a well-oiled business.

Since this is my first real blog post on a brand new site, I figure I should catch everyone up as to who I am and what I do.

  • My name is Kate Blauert and I am a photographer.
  • I started shooting almost 5 years ago and I am self taught.
  • I love to shoot on location in natural light.
  • I have worked all kinds of odd jobs as I have pursued photography part-time for 4 1/2 of these 5 years.
  • I am so blessed and happy to now work solely on my photography business.
  • I have been mentored by the amazingly talented Char of Char Co.
  • I love to shoot one-on-one, to really get to the heart of who someone is with my camera.
  • I also truly enjoy capturing the love shared amongst a family, a couple and of parents welcoming a new child.

Now let's get personal ....

  • I have been married 4 years to the handsome and hilarious, Stephen Blauert.
  • We love to spend time walking and playing with our sweet puppy Jackson.
  • I spend way too much time watching Friends, HGTV and Chopped
  • Photography is just one way I like to express my creativity; I love to craft, decorate our house, and attempt all kinds of Pinterest Projects. (key word: attempt)
  • I love Jesus and am so happy I have a relationship with Him. All my work is because of Him and for His glory.
  • Oh and if you really want to make my day, bring me a nice big bowl of birthday cake frozen yogurt. (I know it's like I'm a five year old, but I'm ok with it.)

Well, now that you know me a little bit better I hope you will peruse my site and get a glimpse of my work. Photography is so special, ya know? I just love giving people memories. When you invest in capturing a specific time in life, I believe it enriches your everyday. With sweet smiles and moments of love, hanging on your wall how can you not be reminded of your blessings and be affirmed in your own self?! That is my mission. That I could capture you - creatively, essentially you and the ones you love.

So grab a nice refreshing lemonade or ice cream, ya ... ice cream! and take a look around my new site. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will frequently pop in to see what's new with Kate Blauert Photography.