MY Family Photos

It is SO important to me to document life in photos. You can't tell me if you're having a bad day at work and you look over to a photo in a frame on your desk and see your beautiful wife or handsome husband staring back at you, that you're day doesn't get a little better. I have a hard time believing that as your kids get older and you wonder where the time went that you will regret having those family photos taken because now you can look back and remember what they were like at 'that age'. And I know from personal experience, that when you lose someone close to you, you hang on to the tangible memories, because that's all you have. These are a few reasons why it is SO important to me to document life, maybe not every moment like those crazy kids with their iphones (who am I to talk?!). But to stop mid-year or mid-month or even midday to pause and look around and maybe snap a photo - so you can have it ... forever.

My talented friend Chelsea Loomis took these photos for us.