Trettin Family

It was quite the brisk day, but this family's love for each other was warm enough to brave the chilly temps for a wonderful Fall shoot. The Trettin family is kind, funny, sweet and growing - their newest member is so cute, I squealed every time I took his picture! A baby, 2 puppies, brothers, sisters and their loves all coming together for Mom and Dad.

I love when people cherish the importance of a memory. Mrs. Trettin's main request be that I just capture everyone so she can remember. That means so much to me. Photos to me are a work of creativity and art, yes, but their main purpose is to remind. Photos remind us of a specific time in our life - how we looked, how far we've come and how beautiful we are. Photos are special, affirming memories and it is my honor to capture these times for people.

Thanks to the lovely Dana Fleck for being my assistant. Here is the Trettin Family Session: