Instagram // Friday Faves

I might have mentioned a while back this new rule I have with Instagram: I try and only follow those who truly inspire and motivate me (oh and my friends too ;) ) It is easy to get sucked in following all kinds of other photographers or creatives, but then there comes the jealousy/discontentment struggle. Also, I shouldn't be surfing Instagram and catching up on so many other people's lives and career's that I am missing out on my own. SO I've tried to stick with a select group of uplifting and influential instagramers. Not to say I don't love to just peruse photos or people on this site, but if we're talking about living more purposefully - this is just one small step to take in that direction.

Without further ado here are a few of my faves:


From top, left to right: 1. Jasmine Star - incredible writer and well known photographer based in California  2. Char Co. - my mentor and her amazing creative collective of photographers and stylists  3. Lauren Fair - film photographer extraordinaire  4. mlippman - my handsome, talented and creative brother who has quite the creative eye



From top, left to right: 1. Targetstyle - the best store EVER displays just their style and decor  2. LClaurenconrad - Lauren Conrad's adorable line at Kohl's packed with stylish clothing options  3. WalkinLove - truly inspiring t-shirt, sweatshirt, casual clothing line  4. Anthropologie - one of the other best stores EVER and their home decor, clothing and lifestyle creative displays

Spiritually Inspiring

From top, left to right: 1. Lara Casey - wedding magazine editor and motivational speaker, with an incredible store of goals sheets and inspirational prints  2. Returntorest - a gathering of photographers and creatives with the goal of stopping to focus on Jesus  3. Lindsayletters - a graphic designer who makes beautiful inspiring prints and canvases for your home  4. Emilyley - creator of the Simplied Planner, her goal is to encourage time management and organization, so you can live life fully

Home Decor

From top, left to right: 1. TheNester - I've mentioned this talented lady before, author of The Nester blog and The Nesting Place book  2. Abeautifulmess - two adorable women whose blog boasts home decor displays, diys, recipes, stylish clothing suggestions and all around fun  3. JoannaGaines - founder and owner of Magnolia Market in Texas and star of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, this stylish momma has so much decor inspiration to offer

Just for Fun ...

From left to right: 1. Marniethedog - I am biased that shih tzus are the best, so why not follow this adorable tongue dangling pooch  2. Jimmy Fallon - because it doesn't get much better than EW!

Happy Instagramming!