Year in Review

This is a year that a few years ago I thought would never come. My husband and I went through a few years that were pretty tough. But God had a plan, even in our pain and He blessed us more than we could imagine. I have been so thankful for a time to pursue something I really love and enjoy. Creating is such a powerful and vulnerable thing. I'm so glad I have had this year to start anew, face challenges, stretch myself, learn, grow and do what I've wanted to for quite some time.

Although it is always important to keep pressing on with our heads up and eyes forward, a look back is always a good thing too. This year I've really had to wrestle with the idea of success. Almost any time people ask about my work/business, they ask how busy I am. That has been hard for me because honestly busy doesn't always equal successful. Successful means meeting your goals, working towards bigger and better things for yourself and your business, staying on task/mission and learning as you go. Just because I wasn't booked solid for the year, doesn't mean I didn't succeed. Looking back through journals and documents from when I first started towards being full-time with my photography - I have checked off the majority of the goals I set for myself. I'm again, just SO thankful for this (almost a) year I've had to get things in order, practice and grow in my craft, work hard and of course, take pictures.

Here are a few milestones for KBP in 2014

Mentoriship with Char Co..

Now I've talked about this a few times now and I will keep on gushing about it, because it rocked my world. I truly needed someone to come alongside of me - to teach me, encourage me, cheer for me and dream with me. Char was that person for me. She taught me how to use light properly, establish a workflow, set goals and work toward them. She is an inspiration and I'm SO thankful for her impact on my life.


New Website & Blog

Streamlined social media is SO important nowadays. You want people to be able to quickly access what they are looking for - the service, the style, the look and the experience. My brother-in-law Mark Sweitzer created a new logo/brand for KBP this summer. That process, I learned, is not an easy one. So many things to consider and let me tell you, sometimes it is REALLY hard to explain what you have in your head to someone so they can put it on paper. Mark did fabulous. I'm so pleased and excited to have a new look, something that I think exudes my style. And this blog .... pshhh I don't even, I'm just ... well, I'm so happy to have a place to display my work and express myself.

Senior Model Meet'n'Greet & Styled shoot

Oh how I love to throw parties! It was my pleasure to host and welcome 4 senior girls and their mama's to a small get together at my house to discuss my dreams for the KBP Senior Model Program. With punch in hand, I explained my vision for a fun styled shoot with hair, makeup by a stylist and a fun summery wardrobe. I was so excited when all 4 girls signed up to be ambassadors for my brand. See I'm newer to shooting high school seniors, but I SO love to shoot one on one with people and what an exciting time in life to capture. So these girls were my amazing models for a super fun shoot. I then asked them to tell all their friends about their experience, because I really want to take more senior photos! :) This was a lot of hard work, but it was such a wonderful experience.

Styled Shoot

Working with other photographers I think is so important. It gives you the chance to watch them work, learn from them and it is also such a joy to be around people who find joy in creating, too. Olivia Craft is a talented photographer whom I got to be good friends with this summer. We decided it would be fun to shoot together so we came up with an edgy styled shoot concept, enlisted some awesome models (my friends!) and had a great evening shooting til sunset. It was so neat to meet up and work on this shoot together. I love you Olivia!



I had the joy of working together with a few different women in the fashion industry this year. First, my amazingly sweet friend Erin Landis  was my stylist for my Senior Styled Shoot. I also had the wonderful opportunity to do a few photo sessions with her for the fashion blog she has. This girl has always been a friend and encouragement too. So it was a WIN-WIN for me! I also had the great privilege of working with Lulu Boutique & Gifterie from Phoenixville. This is where I got most of the wardrobe for my Senior Styled Shoot. These ladies have the most adorable shop with all kinds of cute clothing, handmade jewelry and vintage finds. Do yourself a favor and stop by! I had the opportunity to take photos at their amazing Flea Market this Fall. It was an awesome event - these women are doing what they love and that is inspiring!

Speaking Engagement

It was my honor to speak with the women's group of Calvary Fellowship in Downingtown this Fall on finding your niche and using your gifts. My talk consisted of encouraging these ladies to consider what they enjoy and feel called to, focus on the loving heart and plan of God and try and manage expectations and set goals to get started in your journey, no matter what your gifts or circumstances. I was so encouraged by all these women working hard as mama's and joining together to study the word and so thankful for the opportunity to share my heart and what God has taught me.


I sent out my first newsletter to my all my friends and clients. I will be doing these seasonally to give fashion, decor or photography tips and tricks, to update my clients on any upcoming events or specials and of course, to say hello! If you would like to receive this newsletter click the button below to sign up.

Business Consulting

I am so excited to begin mentoring in 2015. The mentoring process meant so much to me, I want to encourage others as they begin their journey in photography, as well. I know this will push me to continue learning and growing so I can truly help people set goals and work towards them to their dreams.

I don't say all these things in a boastful tone. I know that I've worked hard. But most of all I know that all of this is because of the strength given to me by Jesus and encouragement and support of others, many mentioned above. So thank you, to those who I got to work with, under, alongside and for this year. Can't wait to make more memories in 2015!