New Things ...

I have truly enjoyed my Fall season photo sessions! It will be my pleasure to share all those sweet family photos with you in the near future. But today I'm thrilled to let you know about two new KBP photo session options! As times and seasons change, I want to do my best to meet the real needs and wants of my clients. So check it out:

I know everyone gets frustrated with the rush of the new seasons as the stores bring out all their inventory earlier with each year, BUT photos are something that are actually a really great thing to think about getting done before it gets too close to the holidays! If you send out regular Christmas cards or family updates, if its been WAY too long since you got an updated family photo taken or if you're just gonna take advantage of this great deal - the Christmas Mini-Sessions are for you!

There will be 15 minute time slots available from 2-5 on November 5th and November 12. These photo sessions will take place at Upper Schuylkill Valley Park (1600 Black Rock Rd, Royersford, PA 19468). Any questions contact me here .

NEXT ...

This, this right here is something I am personally SOOOO excited about. Sometimes my winter months are a little slow, ok a lot slower, because not many people are totally all for getting out in the freezing weather for photos. BUT this photo session option will allow for you to be able to have memories of your everyday even in the colder months. Actually this option is especially wonderful to consider for around the holiday times.

Yes, having a posed family portrait is so important and special, but its also wonderful to have memories of your family life as it truly is ... the real stuff. SO that said, I'd love to crash your party ;) I would love to come capture your family having a bonfire in your backyard, you baking cookies in the kitchen with your kids, playing in your child's playroom and rocking them to sleep, having a snowball fight together out back, everyone having a pillow fight on your bed ... the everyday special stuff. It is also an option to have me come tag along on a family outing or capture your yearly family traditions such as a trip to the tree farm to cut down your Christmas tree, a family get together or meal, going to pick apples or pumpkins, a family party or gift exchange ... these photos will be candid, real ... a day in your life. There will be a few imperfectly posed shots. However, some of my favorite photos to take capture the feelings, touch and emotion between you and your loved ones ... that's what I'm going for here.

One thing ... I'm kind of new at this haha! So I need some guinea pigs. The first 3 clients to choose this type of session will receive a discounted rate! I'd come hang out for about and hour/hour and 1/2. You would then receive all the photos from my time with your family. Please contact me here if you're interested!!

Wow I'm really excited for the opportunities these two session options will open up for me to capture sweet memories of your family!