Scultz Family - Fall Mini-Session

You know when you see a beautiful photo of a good looking family - you make assumptions. I do it too! I think, "Looks like they got it altogether!" "Looks like things are going great!" But ya know one picture can't tell the whole story - but it can be a great testament to the story!

The Schultz' family has been through a lot! Yes, they have 2 handsome young boys, but it was a long journey of pain and struggle to bring them into the world. Marcee suffered through HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) which is more than just 'morning sickness', it is constant severe struggle of intense sickness, with both her pregnancies. Those were both truly difficult years, but this picture is a testament to God's help and faithfulness.

I love looking at these pictures and thinking of God's care and this family's strength! I love photos that tell a story, but these pictures of testimony almost bring me to happy tears! Here is the strong and super sweet Scultz family: