Kim & Andy // Gender Reveal

Kim and I went through school together every year ; Pre-K all the way through college (minus 1 year I had at public school, that wasn't my favorite). So needless to say we are pretty darn close. This girl is one I have laughed so hard with, I have cried with and with whom I have shared some of life's most special moments. Now it is time to celebrate another - Kim is expecting her first child!

Andy and Kim's path to pregnancy wasn't the easiest, but we are so thankful and praise God for the healthy baby they have been given! They asked me to capture all the fun at their Gender Reveal party in Indiana (my hometown). It was a beautiful yet, slightly chilly day. But you can't beat how cute their theme was for the party, 'Come find out the Scoop!' So we had ice cream in while wearing our jackets - pink and blue ice cream - as we waited in anticipation to find out - boy or girl!?

They revealed the gender of their baby ___ (Hey! I'm not giving it up that easy ;) by giving everyone of their family and friends a balloon. Their friend Lexi opened the envelope containing the gender and then wrote on a white board "Release the ____ balloons!" SO then everyone that had that color balloon let them go and we were left with balloons only in the color of the gender of their baby! It was a lot of fun and Kim and Andy were both surprised! and of course, very HAPPY!

So do you think it's a boy or girl? Well, scroll down to find out!