Tori // Senior Model Feature

Happy Friday! I thought I'd brighten everyone's day, by introducing you to the beautiful Tori! She is my last Senior Model to feature. She is excited to graduate from The Renaissance Academy in Phoenixville this May! Tori is going to pursue a career in cosmetology. She LOVES to do people's hair and makeup. So I'm sure you can assume, she LOVED the opportunity to have her hair and makeup done for the Senior Model Styled Shoot!

Tori also really enjoys the Fall, especially fun trips to Dorney park. Riding roller coasters and getting scared during the Halloween Haunt is her idea of great time! This girl is so much fun and it has been a joy to get to know her! I'm really looking forward to her Senior Shoot coming up soon! Without further introduction, here is Tori!

Ali // Senior Model Feature

What a privilege it was to get to know my sweet Senior Models this past summer!? I'm so excited to introduce another beauty to you today! This is Alli!

Basically Alli is obsessed with NYC in December. She loves to browse cute little shops, hot chocolate in hand and then go for a stroll in the park and to Rockefeller Center to see the BIG Christmas tree. It is truly one of her favorite places! Alli has great dreams of someday working in the entertainment industry, but is going to focus on business next. She loves to work with people and do all kinds of organizing!

Like myself, Alli is a HUGE animal lover. She volunteers at her local animal shelter. She is inspired by the dogs at the shelter and their trusting spirit. A rescue dog has a past and has probably been hurt, but Alli loves how they are always still so happy and loving!

Alli's favorite part of the KBP Senior Model Styled Shoot was getting to see all that goes into a photo shoot. She loved having the experience of this special styled session. Of course she also really enjoyed getting all dolled up with the other models. What an incredibly fun day that was! Thanks Alli - you were an awesome model!

Interested in Senior Photos? Click the link below for more information.

Haley // KBP Senior Model Feature

My next KBP Senior Model feature is Haley. This girl has SUCH a great smile! She attends Conestoga High School. She even traveled overseas to Europe with some classmates this summer! One of Haley's favorite places is the Jersey shore - specially in late August early September. I'm sure the weather is just glorious! She loves the warmer water and lack of crowded beaches. Sounds good to me too!

Haley has dreams of working in the entertainment industry. She is inspired by her older sister and her parents. They make her want to go out and be successful, as they have been. She is close with her family, especially her puppy Tobi! He is so cute!

Haley loved getting to have her hair and makeup done for the Styled Shoot. She was a beautiful model! Not only that, but she added a lot of fun and laughter to a wonderful morning with some very beautiful and special girls! I love my Senior Models!!

Sarah // KBP Senior Model Feature

Dark haired beauty Sarah is my first Senior Model Feature. This girl loves the outdoors specifically winter sports. She attends Conestoga High School where she will graduate from this coming Spring. She's like me and loves New York City in the Fall, especially the Winter months. Like I said, this girl loves snow! She has dreams of being an FBI agent and aspires to the great work ethic that she sees in her parents. They inspire her.

Sarah said her favorite part of the KBP Senior Model experience was having her hair and makeup done for the styled shoot. She said it was such a treat! Well, Sarah I think you are just wonderful! I wish you all the best in your Senior year and as you embark on new journeys to come!

Senior Model Meet'n'Greet

This year Kate Blauert Photography is taking some big steps towards meeting goals and living out dreams. It is definitely a goal and passion of mine to encourage others - to capture their beauty, their true self and their personality on camera and hand it to them, tied up with a nice bow and given with a hug. This is at the heart of my new KBP Senior Model Program.

Do you remember when you were a senior in high school? The anticipation, soaking up of memories and the excitement as you look ahead. It truly is a milestone year in life - celebrating all you have accomplished and preparing yourself to be an adult. I think it SO important and special to remember this time, and in what better way than with photos?!

I love throwing parties. I also love having an excuse to buy fresh flowers and get out of my craft supplies. So to invite some sweet girls to be a part of my Senior Model Program - I did just that! On this night these girls and their moms heard all about the FREE styled shoot, the hair and makeup, the wardrobe, the discounts and the referral rewards they could have, all if they became a KBP Senior Model! So over raspberry lemonade and macaroon cookies we got to know each other and became really excited about all the Senior Model fun to come!

We had a lovely time together that night and I was excited to sign up 4 beautiful Senior Models for my new program. I will be introducing you to them soon - stay tuned!