Moxham Airport Surprise!

Alright guys, I've been keeping this shoot a secret for way too long! haha! SO excited to share with you, one of my favorite couples and their precious news - they're expecting! Alison and Jordan love Jesus, love people and they also really love animals. They have many, animals that is, all of whom I'm sure will begrudgingly welcome this little babe into their family this summer. 

As a photographer all your shoots are special, you're capturing memories for families! But sometimes you get to be a part of something super special! See Jordan was away for work about 3 weeks at the end of last year, meanwhile at home, Alison finds out she is pregnant. So she employed me to capture her surprising Jordan at the airport to let him know he is gonna be a daddy.

It was seriously SO precious! I can't believe I kept it together and didn't cry?! After surprising Jordan, we had a little photo shoot around the airport, so I could capture their sweet joy over their exciting news!

Nace Extended Family

Working with a big family can be intimidating sometimes, but not when they are as sweet as this one. Mr. and Mrs. Nace have quite the wonderful group to be proud of here. The kids were a joy to photograph and the adults did pretty well too ;)

I think it is so important to make it a point to get photos of everyone together. It reminds you what is truly important when you see them on your wall or your desk or when you pull out your wallet ... family.

Andrew is Home! - Newborn Session

This sweet little one seriously stole my heart! Not only did I get to capture him all fresh and new at the hospital, but also at his home a week later. I canNOT say it enough - I LOVE IN HOME SESSIONS! I just feel the photos are so very personal and special and right where you are!

Here is sweet little Andrew and his awesome parents being adorable as ever!

Brinckman Family - Luke's Newborn Session

When a family repeatedly welcomes you into their lives to capture yet another milestone - it is just really special. I love the Brinckmans! They are kind and hospitable and boy, do they love their kiddos! Luke spent some time in the NICU, so it was super special to photograph him at his home with his sweet family! SO glad he is doing wonderful! His big sister Gracie definitely took to her new role well <3

Here is the Brickman Family: